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UP Trucking Services count with a wide department of highly certified and is supports with technology to be able to control logistics of your merchandise.

UP Trucking Logistics


UP Trucking Services, it is a company founded 4 years ago in the city of Hidalgo, TX in the important area of transport, market focus 100% of the maquiladora industry Road transport is the most important commercial transportation within the country due to its scope, flexibility and availability of.

The Ground Transport is a very important method of Commercial Transportation within the world due to:.

Service Details

We have a sister company in Mexico ( Border Freight ). This help us to have a direct connection in Mexico without losing control over our freight. We go all over the USA and Canada without loading and loading trailers. The same trailer that you load is the same trailer that is deliver.

We can design a plan and a route based on your freight needs.

We always have equipment available. If need more equipment, we will get it. Our growth is based on our customer’s growth.


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