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Advantage of Our Services

UP TRUCKING SERVICES provides transport services door to door to most of the destinations within US. Canada and Mexico. All this providing the quality and safety in all transport processes that our customers require.Monitoring of transportation through out all the trip. Our technology allows our units to be visible all the time.

Door to Door


We can offer the advantage to not load and unload your products. The same trailer can go from Mexico to any place in US and Canada or the other way around.

GPS Tracking

shipping tracking at all time

We have GPS systems in all our Truck and Trailers that allow us to keep control over or units and, at the same time, it allow us to provide updates on where your load is at all times.

Team Drivers

continually driving to our destination

A Team Driver Service can be provided when required. We can adjust to your logistic needs.

On Time

beat your deadlines

We plan our loads to be deliver on time all the times. We make sure that units are in the best conditions, drivers with hours and that information flows perfectly.

Great Support

real human help

Our business runs 24/7. Our personnel understand this and they are always available. You can contact us at any time in case needed. We are all committed to our customers.

Quality Control

check and balance

We apply Lean Manufacturing concepts as well as Quality principals. If something goes different from the original plan, we do a root cause analysis process to ensure that this will not happen again. Our General Manager has over 25 years of experience in Manufacturing and Logistic processes.